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TDR/SRD Drill Point Splitter – Model 09-P

For the fastest Drill Sharpener, the easiest Drill Grinder, and the quickest Point Splitter you can buy!

Model 09-P

TDR / SRD Drill Grinder
Drill Point Splitter
Point split drill sizes 1/8″ – 13/16″ OD.

FACTORY PRICE: $1,490.00 ea

The quickest Point Splitter you can buy!

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SPG Model 09-P Point Splitter

Model 09-P Accessories / Replacement Parts

DIAMOND WHEEL (92 P 9770-P) $380.00 eaNo Picture
BORAZON (CBN) WHEEL (92 P 9780-P) $405.00 ea
Super Abrasive Wheel Dresser
$258.00 ea
Std Chuck for Drills 1/16 - 13/16 all Models (76 M 1580-P) $282.00 ea76-M-1580-P

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