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For the fastest Drill Sharpener, the easiest Drill Grinder, and the quickest Point Splitter you can buy!!

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Get to the Point!

Enclosed Motor Halts Grinding Dust Irritation!

If there is a tool in this list that you want to sharpen…

We have the machine to do it!


Model 80-M

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Model 82-R

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Model 82-B

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Model 09-P

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Model 92-P Pic Coming Soon!

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Top of the Line Drill Grinders & Accessories

Measure the value in performance and productivity!

• Cast iron, aluminum & steel construction • Hardened & precision ground slide rails • Movable parts are kept free of grinding dust
• Totally enclosed, 110V/220V, 1 phase motor • Factory direct tech support • Drill chucks are serialized and documented to assure accuracy


U.S. Designed and Manufactured!

Service Precision Grinding Inc., manufacturers of the TDRSRD Drill Grinders, started as a precision grinding shop offering service for ID, OD and spherical grinding. The TDR/SRD family of drill grinders is exclusively designed and manufactured by Service Precision Grinding Inc.


Engineered to defeat grinding dust!

The first SRD model was sold in 1968 and proved that sound engineering and meticulous machining will produce product reliability. Many grinding operations require no wheel dressing, wheels operate dry, yet protect tools from burning. The TDR series was introduced in 1982 adding the convenience of expanding beyond basic drill sharpening to taps, reamers, point-splitting, and endmill refacing.


Simple to learn-simple to operate!

The precision and versatility of the TDR series is unmatched by machines many times their price. It’s always a quick change over from HSS to carbide. The simple twist of a screw driver and wheels are replaced directly on the motor arbor. TDR/SRD grinders were designed to work for you, not against you. The “V-Series” of grinders introduces a new configuration. The first in the series was shown to the woodworking market in 1987. Sold, as the 87-W/Bitmaster, to resharpen brad points and router bits, either HSS or carbide tipped. The second in the “V-Series” came to be as a result of the growing industrial need for continuous high volume point splitting.


Designed to perform high production service!

The 92-P is designed for stand alone use for the customer who already has a drill grinder. The third in the “V-Series” is NEW! The” 01A- Annular Grinder” ! A must see for the fabricating industry ! In addition to the growing TDR/SRD family of drill grinders we invite the challenge to help solve non-traditional tool grinding needs. Send us the tools, we’ll choose the right equipment or design as needed. 33 years of meeting the industrial markets need for versatility, precision and convenience makes grinders produced by Service Precision Grinding Inc. the “TOOL ROOM LIFEBOAT” for industrial users worldwide.

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