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TDR/SRD Drill Grinder – Model 80-M

For the fastest Drill Sharpener, the easiest Drill Grinder, and the quickest Point Splitter you can buy!

Drill Grinder Model 80M

Model 80-M

TDR/SRD Drill Grinder Grinding Range: R.H. Drills 1/16″ – 13/16″

FACTORY PRICE: $1,395.00

Customize point angles and clearances to achieve the most efficient feed rates for your job! The industries “WORKHORSE”

• Sharpens standard drills, center drills and R.H. drills. • Quick web thinning. Sharpen high speed steel or carbide tooling • Angle range 85 deg. to 160 deg. • Drill point concentricity is .001″Lip to lip • Clearance angles 0 deg. to 20 deg. Extremely precise. • Cast iron, aluminum & steel 7 construction • Totally enclosed Baldor motor 1 10V or 230V • Hardened and ground slide rails • Drill size capacity and increased versatility varies with each model • All models built to satisfy industrial quality standards • Dimensions 10″W x l6″L x 8″H • Made in the USA | Shipped via UPS | Weight 50 Lbs. All machines come equipped to sharpen drills within the drill range specified. (They come with the appropriate chuck and grinding wheel)

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The 80-M Users Manual

Model 80-M Accessories / Replacement Parts

Std Chuck for Drills 1/16 – 13/16 all Models (76 M 1580-P)$245.00 ea
Chuck for Taper Shank Drills, 1/16-13/16 all models (76 M 1582-P)$315.00 ea
120 Grit Silicon/Carbide for Carbide, 1-3/8OD (76 M 1750-P)$80.00 ea
Fast Cut 60 Grit for HSS & Cobalt, 1-3/8OD (76 M 1760-P)$22.00 ea
180 grit Diamond for Carbide, 1-3/8OD (76 M 1770-P)$220.00 ea
Std 90 Grit for HSS & Cobalt, 1-3/8OD (76 M 1790-P)$22.00 ea
120 Grit for HSS & Cobalt 3/4 OD (80 M 7370-P)$38.00 ea
Riser Plate + 80-M-7370-P (enhances relief on sm. drills) 80-M (80 S 7340-P)$80.00 ea
Incandescent Lamp all Models (ILOP)TBD
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