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I have been trying for about a year to find a reasonably economical way to sharpen twist drills. I work a lot with 304 stainless on an engine lathe, so I need to have sharp drills. I first tried a drill doctor, and while reasonable, it produced inconsistent results with a considerable time investment, especially for drills greater than 3/8 in.

I then found the drill-grinder.com website and saw, for a little over a grand, the 82-R, took a leap of faith and bought one. To be honest, the OEM oil plug on the bottom needed replacement with a steel machine screw and neoprene washer, and I saw that the oil filler plug would break or get lost, so I drilled and tapped that hole and put in a 1/8 pipe plug.

The first time I used this machine was for an 11/16 135deg split point that I never could sharpen satisfactorily with the drill doctor. So I figured I might as well start out with what was essentially a ruined drill. I followed the stock settings C-1 + A, chucked the drill and SHARPENED IT BETTER THAN NEW IN UNDER 5 MINUTES WITH NO FOOLING AROUND. The edge was sharp, the drill did not heat during the process, and the relief was, if anything, a little too positive.

I now have and entire large drill index of beautifully sharpened drills. I am going to weld a stand with wheels, and keep this machine handy. It is so quick and easy to use that there is really no reason not to have a new condition drill on demand.

The only thing that worries me is that my shop cronies will find out that I have it and ask continuously, "Would you mind if I bring my drill index over?"

Thanks for a really well designed machine that is well worth it's cost, considering the great job it does.

JB in Pasco, WA

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