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1. 09-P Model TDR/SRD Point Splitter
2. 01-A Annular Grinder

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09-P Model TDR/SRD Point Splitter (Model 09-P)

09-P Model TDR/SRD Point Splitter

TDR / SRD Point Splitter
From the manufacture of the TDR/SRD Drill Grinder
MODEL 09-P ~ Drill Point Splitter

Accurate point splitting of standard twist drills and parabolic drills that are manufactured in either high speed steel, cobalt or carbide.

Super Abrasive Wheel are redressed using a standard dressing stone or the optional Super Abrasive Wheel Dresser listed below. Totally enclosed motor, hardened and ground slide rails, all movable parts are kept free of grinding dust.

Use as a companion piece with your TDR/SRD Drill Grinder and share the drill holder chuck, or, as a stand alone point splitter with any brand drill sharpener and simply add the drill holder!

Point split drill sizes 1/8" - 13/16" OD.

Model 09-P .....$995.00

~ Wheel choice is included with purchase, please specify when ordering
~ Drill holder chuck is not included and must be purchased with order - if you need one.

(TDR/SRD Drill Grinder owners can use the chuck they have)


09-P-9770-P...Diamond Wheel....$225.00
09-P-9780-P...Borazon Wheel....$250.00
09-P-9761-P... Super Abrasive Wheel Dresser....$150.00
76-M-1580-P... Drill Holder Chuck.....$195.00

Made in the U.S.A. and proud of it!


FACTORY PRICE: $995.00  ea

09-Wheel choice :

Model 09-P Options :
   09-P-9770-P ADD ($225.00)
   09-P-9780-P ADD ($250.00)
   09-P-9761-P ADD ($150.00)
   76-M-1580-P ADD ($195.00)

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